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Q. Is there a cancellation fee?
A. You may do so as long as you give us 14 days notice. If you need to cancel within 14 days of the party, there is a cancellation fee equal to your deposit. we simply retain your deposit if you are charged a cancellation fee.


Q. What is the average gratuity we should pay the attendants?
A. MOST of our customers have given our attendants $20 for every hour worked. Feel free to give what you think they deserve.



Q. Do you provide attendants to supervise the inflatables during the rental period?
A. That is the only way we rent our inflatables


Q. What if it is rainy or windy?
A. Kidz play reserves the right to cancel a reservation (at no penalty to you) if there are heavy rains or high winds (over 25 mph). Safe operation of our units and and customer safety is our utmost concern. However, once the unit is delivered, and setup no refunds shall be issued due to bad weather.


Q. Is there a deposit required?
A. Yes. A $25 deposit is required to reserve our inflatables. Deposits are non are refundable if event is cancelled at least 14 days prior to the event. Within 2 weeks customer will receive a credit.


Q. What is the power requirement?
A. Each inflatable must be plugged into its own dedicated 120 volt 15 amp electrical outlet. We will provide a 100 foot extension cord to each inflatable.


Q. What is the method of payment the day of the event?
A. We only accept cash on the day of the event and must be paid prior to setting up. No personal checks shall be accepted.